Monday, April 25, 2011


Alone.  Alone with my thoughts and my feelings.  Alone in a crowd of a more than a thousand people,   pondering Christ.  Yes pondering as Mary pondered Jesus' birth and all that surrounded it, I am pondering Christ's death and all that it means to me.

                But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.       Luke 2:19

Mary pondered as a mother, I am pondering as a child.  Mary pondered those who came, I ponder those who have rejected.  Mary pondered what might be to come, I ponder what has already happened.  Mary pondered the wonder of a virgin birth, I ponder the cruel death on a cross.  Mary pondered the lifetime of her child, I ponder eternity because of that child.  Mary pondered unsure, I ponder with certainty.  Mary pondered with hope for the here and now, I ponder with hope for the eternal.  Mary pondered in a stable, I ponder at my church.  Mary pondered a babe, I ponder a Savior.

Have you pondered Christ lately?  Take a few moments and think on Him.  Ponder in your heart.

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  1. I have been trying to spend time each day really sitting down and focusing on Jesus and what He means to me. Great reminder!

    Thanks for stopping by our bloghop today!

  2. I think the time to sit and ponder gets lost in the busyness of our lives. I have recently had some sweet times of solitude to just sit and ponder on God's Word and it is such a blessing. Thanks for sharing this sweet and gentle reminder of a joy we may be missing!

  3. This is a beautiful post. I've been caught up in the hectic way of life, and I haven't really stopped to praise Him and ponder His Word lately. I definitely will tonight. Thanks for reminding me how just much His sacrifce for us means. :)

    Also, thanks so very much for linking up to our Family In Faith Blog Hop! Nice to meet you!

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