Monday, May 9, 2011

"Houston, We Have a Problem"

My family and I had the awesome opportunity to visit NASA as guests several weeks ago.  Our hosts gave us a personal tour.  When we first moved to TX seven years ago we took the kids to Space Center Houston, but this was different.  The only part of NASA you get to experience on the Space Center tour is looking through glass.  This time we were there, we were not just looking through glass we were on the floor, we were walking where the action occurred.

One of many highlights was getting to visit the Apollo 13 control center.  We were not just looking at the control center we were" in" the control center. We stood where it was first learned there was a problem with the mission.  We stood where I am sure prayers were uttered for wisdom and safe return.  We walked where men walked whose job it was to get the astronauts home safely, no job was unimportant.  Everyone had to work together to get it done.  In the end success was celebrated by all.  No matter the job!

I began to think how that is like our church family.  Everyone has a job to do. In 1 Corinthians 12:12, the Bible speaks to the importance of each job.   God calls us all to different tasks, yet there is nothing that is not important.  We are not to envy other jobs.  We should never overlook a job or belittle the way someone does their job.  We are to strive to do our very best at the job our Commander gives us in order to complete the mission successfully. Or perhaps we have yet to accept our assignment and we are still standing on the observation deck.  There is a huge difference depending on what side of the glass you are on. You are either just watching the mission or you are a part of the mission.   What is our mission you inquire?  To share the love of Christ and bring glory to His name! What job has God called you to do? Have you joined the mission or are you still just observing? Are you doing your assignment to the best of your ability?

Now I must share as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.  We were given the privilege not just to see the simulator, but to actually get in and go through a few training sequences that the astronauts use.  I cannot tell you how amazing that was. I also cannot tell you how small that the cockpit actually is,  but anyway there were five of us, one of those being a  NASA pilot instructor.  Mr. Wonderful, my husband was the first to take off and land and I must admit that he was quite impressive.  Our pilot was sure he had flown before.  Next up our daughter, and then one of our hosts, by the time it was my turn I was not feeling too well and passed.  (How crazy was that, I had the opportunity to "fly" the space shuttle and I passed.)  After we got out of the cockpit I felt a little better.  As we were driving to our next destination, it hit.  Mr. Wonderful looked at me in the back seat and said "stop the car!"  I jumped out and left what was left of lunch and a good sample of my DNA outside of the NBC news trailer.  Oh well not all of us are called to fly, perhaps my job is in the control center!

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  1. What a great experience- minus the last bit, of course- and you drew a nice parallel to the body of Christ.