Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Dry and Thirsty Land

Dry, dry, dry.  We are experiencing the worst drought in Houston, Texas since record keeping began 116  years ago!    All of my family in Kentucky have had a very wet spring with flooding in some areas, yet we have had nothing. Not only is our plant life drying up, so are our lakes.   We are trying to keep a balance of watering, yet not being wasteful, although not yet mandatory, restricted watering is requested.  I have let a few plants die, sad face, but we are still trying to keep the yard alive along with the new landscaping we installed this spring.

Sometimes our spiritual lives are like my lawn.  They are still alive, with a few brown spots, but not lush, not thriving.  How does this happen, what is the cause?  Like my lawn and landscaping,  we can try to supplement what is most needed with imitations.   As much as I water and try to baby a few plants, the water I get from our faucet is nothing compared to a good rain, in some ways it is an imitation.    The tap water has additives, scientists have made it easier for us to digest, but rain is all natural, no additives only the nutrients needed to sustain plant life.  As Christians we sometimes get caught up in reading books about the Bible, but we forget to read the Bible for ourselves.  Like water from the tap, Christian books are meant to be supplements, not meant to sustain our spiritual lives.  They have some additives, and are generally easier to digest, but books are about one individuals views or experiences, but they are NOT the word of God.  Only the Bible itself has the power to make us into lush, thriving Christians.

Do you have a few brown spots, when someone steps on you are you a little crunchy?  Are you just barely getting by?  Have you read God's word, only it has the power to make you into a beautiful landscape of HIS own creation.

Oh God, you are my God,
earnestly I seek you;
my soul thirsts for you,
my body longs for you,
in a dry and weary land
where there is no water.

Psalm 63:1

Please add us to your prayer list, we desperately need rain.  Thanks so much.

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  1. What a timely Word!!! My husband just preached along these same lines on Sunday...about how Christian books are great but they are to supplement the Word of God- it is the Word of God which waters our soul and keeps us fresh and alive.

    I will definitely be praying for rain down your way!!!