Thursday, June 2, 2011


Wow!  What a busy couple of weeks.  Last weekend we had an out of state wedding, I am not sure when I went from having friends getting married to have children of my friends getting married, but it has happened.  We have been preparing to have our youngest son home from college for the summer, so I had to "undecorate" the room.  The oldest son finished up his Jr. year of college and  flew to KY to drive back to TX with the son returning from college after finishing his first year.  All of the end of the school year stuff for our daughter, she won a couple of awards, even at a new school.   We had the scare of having a computer account hacked, as well as several engagements and hosting a dinner party at our house.  Also in the midst of this we were preparing for Mr. Wonderful to go on a two week mission trip to India.  It is monsoon season, so we had to take that into account when packing.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all there is to do, some of it eternal, most is not.  Yet when I stop and focus on HIM, my view changes.  I believe that one of satan's most useful tactics for getting our minds off of the eternal is our to do list, our busy lives and schedules.  I must admit that it has been effective on me lately.  Today, I choose to focus on my Heavenly Father, not on the to do list.  I will be intentional about my thoughts of Him.

In the midst of my busyness I catch glimpses of  Joplin, Missouri and the devastation they are experiencing.  I am overwhelmed by the loss of life, the loss of possessions and the loss of the feeling of safety that we all feel in our own homes.  Yet in the midst of this tragedy, I see hope, I see perseverance, I see promise of a new day.

I will extol the LORD at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.        Psalm 34:1

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  1. What a great reminder!! Your schedule sounds very much like mine- and it is good to be reminded that we are to look at HIM and not the waves our schedules are making :)

    Which part of India will he be going to?