Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Face to Face

As I have mentioned our ladies Bible study group is going through the book of Mark.  I love the fellowship of women studying the Word together, I learn so much. This  past week we were in Mark 5, studying about Jairus and the woman with the issue of blood.  I have always loved the story of this woman whose faith was so strong that she believed that if she touched His clothes she would be healed.

As I was studying this passage (Mark 5:25-34) this time I began to identify with this woman in a different way.  Are there times when I want the experience of following Christ, but I do not want a face to face confrontation?  Do I want enough of Jesus to heal me, but not enough to change me?  Do I want to determine the boundaries of our relationship by only touching His garment?  Do I want to feel His power while I remain a face in the crowd?  I must answer yes to all of these.  Just like this woman I want to enjoy the benefits of Jesus without any responsibility.  I want to experience Jesus on my terms.

This woman was risking a great deal to be in the crowd,  by Jewish law she was unclean because of her illness and anyone she touched became unclean.  She should not have been in the crowd, so we begin to understand why she wanted to remain anonymous.  But why do I want to remain anonymous?  Why do I work so hard at blending in with the crowd, why do I not approach Jesus?  There are certainly times when I feel unclean, or unworthy.  Just like the woman I am not yelling it out for the world to know, but in my spirit I am declaring, "Unclean, unclean".  Then there are times when I feel like my burden is not really that important in comparison to what is going on around me.  Jesus was going with Jairus to heal his daughter, that is much bigger than my issue of blood.  At times I just like my anonymity!  I like just being part of the crowd.  It really doesn't matter what reason we hide behind, we cannot blend into the crowd and expect to receive the benefits of being a follower of Jesus.  We must meet Jesus face to face in order to know the fullness of His love.

Are you trying to blend into the crowd today, are you wanting Jesus on your own terms?  Just a touch!  I  am thankful that He calls us out so we can experience Him face to face.  I am glad He said, "Daughter, your faith has made you well.  Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction."  (Mark 5:34).

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  1. What a powerful post- so true!!!!! We often want to meet Jesus on our own terms- and at our own timings- The true radical encounter with Christ is when we are willing to break away from the crowd and meet Him face to face--- Thank you for this great post and wonderful reminder.

  2. I honor you for all the love, support, and service your provide the congregations you have served. You most certainly have gained great wisdom, faith, and friends along your journey!