Thursday, September 8, 2011

Filling up on Joy

There are times when it is difficult to write what I am feeling.  Perhaps that is the time when I do not understand what I am feeling myself.  I have been a little down of late.  I received although not totally unexpected, but great news none the less yesterday, but even in light of that I  am still just ho hum.  What is robbing my joy?

As I sit and reflect on joy I am reminded of the passage from John 15 particularly verse 11:

"These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full."

I want God's joy in my life and I want my joy to be full!  When I read John 15 and the preceding verses I see one word over and over, (I am reading from the NKJV).  At least ten times the word "abide" appears in this passage.  That is the key!  He stressed the word abide over and over, why,  so I would know how my joy remains full.   I only know God's joy when I abide in Him, makes sense doesn't it.  I can't share in His experiences if I am not close to  Him.  I can not celebrate the victories if I am not in a place to know about them, I can not experience His joy if I am removed from His presence.  I must abide in my Heavenly Father in order for His joy to remain in me.  If His joy remains in me, then my joy is full!

My joy is only full when it is His joy that is filling me up!   When I depend on my circumstances to fill me with joy, it never lasts because behind the good news there is disappointment, just around the corner there is some one's criticism or a harsh word that will steal whatever joy the good news brought. The joy that is based on my circumstances is temporary.   But when I abide in Him my joy is not based on good or bad news or on what others say,  my joy comes from the eternal source of joy, the giver of joy, the one who is already victorious,  Jesus Christ!

Is your joy a little lacking today?  I know where you can get a fill-up.

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  1. It is so odd, I'm only reading this update today- but the exact day you wrote it, I was meditating on the VERY same verses you have mentioned!!!! I discussed them with someone the very next day as we were discussing the 'abiding' and the 'if you love me you will obey my commands'- and how all this will bring a joy to our hearts like nothing this world has to offer!!