Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Living Simply

My blog verse has long been a favorite.  When I worked in an office setting it was my screen saver.  A lady who was there on business one day asked if that was really in the Bible, when I replied yes, she was so surprised.

.... that you also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you.......                              1 Thessalonians 4:11

 I have long aspired to lead a quiet, simple life, sounds so easy doesn't it?  It seems it would be much easier to lead a quiet life and harder to live a complicated, busy, stretched too thin kind of life, but yet I find the opposite is true.  I find that if I do not guard simplicity it quickly becomes overrun with complexity.

Several years ago, when Mr. Wonderful and I were house hunting, we felt God directing us to smaller and smaller homes.  We both felt the need to downsize, so we settled on a 1,500 square feet fixer upper.  Our last two homes had been quite large in comparison, so when we took our children to what was to be their new home, to say they were surprised would be quite an understatement.  We began the processes of going through our possessions and purging.  My goal in the beginning was to reduce everything that we owned by one third, furniture, clothes, stuff in general.  I had to make some hard decisions about what to keep and what was going to go.  Mr. Wonderful would occasionally ask me if I was sure on a particular item, but I found as I began to rid my life of things,  it was very freeing, almost liberating.  After much work, donating things and a huge garage sale we achieved our goal.  Living in a smaller space demanded I pretty much keep things cleaned out, there wasn't room for a lot of excess.  When your master closet is exceptionally small you tend to not purchase many clothes and when you do you must get rid of other things because there simply isn't room.

The fixer upper after it was fixed up!

Not quite a year ago, God called us to a new area.  We ended up purchasing a larger home than the fixer upper and I am almost ashamed to admit it is already full.  Why is it so hard to live simply?  No living simply isn't just about the stuff in our lives, but I find that for me the stuff is indicative of other areas of my life.  I crave simplicity, yet I clutter my life.

The new digs!

Join me on my quest for a more simplified life and what that means for my family.  What does living a quiet life mean to you and your family?  What are some ways you choose simplicity?

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  1. I'm definitely with you on this journey- it is my heart's desire!! As you said, not just about the clutter or stuff- but about the things which are scattered throughout my life- I want simplicity!!

    Thank you for this GREAT post- and I love your new look. Also you should be getting a surprise soon. ;)

  2. Oh Anjuli! Thank you so much, what an amazing thoughtful gift! I can't wait to read it!

    As always thank you for your encouragement. It is amazing how God knows just what we need when we need it!

  3. That is the prayer of my heart but I fail to live it out. Looking forward to reading about your journey. Visiting from WLW.

  4. It is amazing how houses fill up so quickly, isn't it? Your new home is beautiful, I hope you enjoy it.