Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Wow has it really been over three months since I have written.  I have formed so many posts in my head but obviously they did not made it to the blog.  Perhaps one of the reasons I have been so lax in posting is that I continue to wrestle with what do I really have to offer.  There are a multitude of blogs, a multitude of great blogs filled with information that I often use.  But what do I truly have to offer you that you can't find somewhere else written by someone else who can say it better.  I can share with you my thoughts on Bible study, on being a wife and mom, on keeping a home and all that goes with it including decorating, organizing and a few good recipes.  I can share my latest project or perhaps my latest failure. Yes I enjoy reading all of these things in blogs, it keeps it real doesn't it!  But if I only offer you tips and tidbits, then am I really offering you anything at all.

We were able to have lunch a couple of months ago with some new friends who are missionaries in Slovakia.  Joe and Julie are on stateside furlough and are members of our church.  They surrendered to a call to the mission field a few years ago and it was a pleasure to hear their story.  Joe and Julie minister to people who really have very little hope, they are judged by their race,  as a result they are not given jobs, true hunger is a reality for their families, they are oppressed with very little possibility of change.  Julie said that the physical needs are overwhelming, but another missionary wisely shared that all you really have to give them is Jesus.  Jesus is the only thing that can make a difference, an eternal difference.  There aren't enough resources to feed them all, you don't have a job to give them, but you do have Jesus and He can give them hope that you yourself do not have to offer.

The same is true of me, I don't really have much to offer you.  I can tell you how I organized my pantry and it might make a difference for today, but what have I really given you.  The only thing that I have that can make a difference in your life eternally, is Jesus.  I believe that Jesus died on a cross not only for my sin, but yours also and if you trust in Him alone you will find a hope that far surpasses anything else you have ever known.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 3:23



  1. beautifully written and a sweet reminder to me this a.m. Thank you Gay! Keep writing! <><Jenna

  2. We have missed you tremendously...what you have to offer is more than ANYONE else can offer- because Jesus is the MOST important truth we can receive (and give).

    Please continue posting as you were always a blessing in my life- I looked forward to your posts- and used much of what you said in sermons and in sharing with people!! (especially your thoughts on Mary and Martha!)

    Please KEEP writing!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement! You guys are awesome!

  4. very true!

    Glad to see another update from you - I have missed reading your blog these past few months.