Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am terrible about drinking water,  I know, I know.  Diet Coke is my downfall, I will not tell you how many I drink in a day, it is too many for sure.  But, there are those times, when only water will satisfy.  After I exercise, when I have been working out in the yard, or when my body just says enough.   I experience a desire for water and there is nothing else that will do.  

As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God.  My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.  Psalm 42: 1-2a
Have you ever seen an animal pant, my dog will pant after vigorous exercise.  (My dog is a 3 1/2 pound Yorkie so vigorous exercise is running in my family room!)  She immediately begins to search for water.  She has an intense desire and begins to search for a means to fulfill that desire.  It seems that God has created us with that same  kind of desire, a yearning so deep that not just anything will satisfy.  The Psalmist says that this desire comes from within our soul.  What causes panting, it seems that one is not just thirsty but parched.  Perhaps it has been a long while since the last drink, maybe the journey between drinks has been far, or maybe there have been distractions that one has tried to satisfy the panting.  Have you ever tried to distract a small child or baby while you are getting ready to feed them, how long does that last?

The world seems to be full of stuff that can distract us from our true desire, our God given longing for Him.  I sometimes try to fill my panting soul with the desire for success or acceptance or just plain ole stuff.   As a society we even give not only names but TV shows  to people who are trying to satisfy their desire for God with other things.  Have you ever watched the show Hoarders or Biggest Loser?  We turn it into entertainment, does this make us feel better about the ways we try to satisfy our basic desire for God?  Just as that deer longs, even searches  for the water of the brook, nothing else is going to satisfy his intense yearning,  nothing else is going to satisfy us.  We can try to fill that yearning with other things,  those things may provide a moment of satisfaction, but the yearning will return.  Our souls are panting, yearning for God, because that is the way we are created.  It is only through Him that our yearning will be satisfied.  Does the deer only have to drink from the brook one time, no it will have to return.    Salvation is a one time event, but we have to continually be filled with God,  we have to return to satisfy our yearning.

Do you sense that yearning, perhaps you have never thought about it before, but you realize you are searching for something and nothing ever seems to satisfy.  That is your soul crying, panting for God.  Turn to Him today.  Perhaps you are already a Christian, but it has been a long time since you have spent time with God, your soul is yearning for Him.  Books, music, service, however you might be trying to satisfy your panting nothing can take the place of God, even what we might consider to be good things.  Go to the brook, spend time with Him today and satisfy the yearning that is within your soul.


  1. What a timely and amazing post!! Yes, there is nothing which can satisfy except time spent with Him!!! Thank you once again for a powerful post.

  2. I consider you one of my biggest encouragers! Thanks so much!