Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where is Your Passion?

This is the second year our Oldest has been given the opportunity to work with the East West Shrine Game.  This is a football game to showcase college talent to NFL scouts and also benefits the Shriners Hospitals.  The Oldest has been in Tampa, FL since last Thursday and will fly home on Sunday.  He is in his last year of college at SFA and works with his college football team as a manager, he eventually wants to work in the athletic field as a football coach or administrator so this is such a wonderful opportunity for him to make great contacts.  Mr. Wonderful and I have talked how we would like to be there to watch him doing what he loves, a fly on the wall type thing.  There is something so fulfilling as your children get older to see them find their passion, and at some point find success in that passion.

The Oldest on the sidelines at Reliant Stadium doing what he loves.

I have said many times that I learn so much about my relationship with my heavenly Father through the children He has blessed me to parent.  I think about the pride that I have, the excitement for great opportunities, and seeing  the oldest not only find his passion but get an such an awesome opportunity to further his passion.  Must God also find that same pleasure in His own children when they discover their passion and serve Him through it,   I think He does!  But our passion does not include our selfish desires, but our desire for Him.

Senior Game at SFA

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.  Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him And He shall bring it to pass.  Psalm 37: 4&5

Wow, if we choose to delight in the Lord, He will give that to us.  Just as I delight in my son finding his earthly passion, my Heavenly Father desires me to discover my "eternal" passion.  I think the passion itself is one and the same for all of His children, delighting and serving Him.  It is how we serve and express that passion that will be different.  It could be football, think Tim Tebow, it could be through our job such as a teacher, writer, doctor, or custodian.  Perhaps it is through our hobbies that we express our passion for God.  No matter where our passion is expressed, if it brings Him glory He will bless you for it!

The East West Shrine Game will be live on the NFL Network today at 4 PM.  This momma will be parked in front of the TV watching the game for a glimpse of the sidelines and the chance to see my son!  Last year he was standing behind Wade Phillips when they interviewed Wade.  I really think the sidelines and managers should get more air time!  Who is with me?

That is the Oldest to the right of Wade Phillips in the sunglasses (without the hat- LOL).


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  1. wow- it is indeed wonderful when we see our kids pursuing their passion- and that passion is pleasing God in whatever they do- there is NO greater joy than seeing that.