Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not Home Yet

I am doing fairly well staying on track with my goals over the last couple of weeks.   I have already completed a couple of projects and read a couple of books.  I am current on my daily Bible reading, I love the Old Testament with the exception of the "begats".    I am pleased thus far with everything but my blogging,  since Darling Daughter is homeschooling, she and I share the computer and because her classes are online she has it most of the day.  Therefore I am left to nights and honestly I am not at my best at night  and I also want to spend time with the hubs.  Oh well, trying to figure it out!

Some friends came over last night and as Danyel and I were talking before everyone else arrived we began discussing the subject of wanting our homes to look nice and welcoming but also finding the balance in the fact that we are not citizens of this world and it is not our home.

For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.                                                 Philippians 3:20 

Honestly, this is and always has been an ongoing struggle for me.  I love, love, love  "housey" stuff, (yes I make up my own words sometimes).  Some of my earliest memories are making rooms in my closet and no it was not a walk-in. As I grew older, I would shut my door and rearrange my room, no small feat for a child with a solid wood furniture, my parents never knew what they would find.  Another time I painted flowers on my closet doors without asking for permission, I wouldn't recommend that!    Now as a adult I enjoy home reno and DIY projects and just overall decorating. I love home magazines and decorating blogs, I just seemed to be geared that way.  But I admit unless I keep it in check, my home can take over my thoughts, I can become obsessive about decorating and making my home photograph worthy, (only my photographs, certainly no one is knocking on my door to take pics,  Lol).

Where does the balance come in, how do I enjoy my house while realizing I am really not home yet?

  • 1.  Keeping the Main Thing, the main thing!  When I make my house and how it looks my focus, I become dissatisfied with what I have.  By making my focus God and my relationship with Him, then I see my house for the blessing it really is and I am no longer absorbed with the next project or what I think I need to accomplish.
  • 2.  Remembering the true purpose of my home is not to impress anyone, is not to appear in a magazine, but to be a safe haven for my family!  It is to be a place they feel comfortable, and accepted and not  a place that they are afraid to relax. 
  • 3.  My home is to be a warm and inviting place to minister to others through hospitality.  Whether it is sharing a cup of coffee and prayer, pizza on paper plates, (OK, I had to confess, the friends that came over last night, yeah that is what they got)  or a nice well planned meal.  It is sharing God's love with those who are already friends and those who are soon to be called friends.   If I am waiting until my house is perfect to invite someone over, then my focus is on the wrong thing!

No I have not arrived at my homeland, but it is perfectly OK to make my current house feel homey while I am here if I keep my priorities on God, my family and others.  Keeping my focus not on my self or my house, I am sure to make wise choices that put others first instead of becoming obsessed with looks, current trends or what I might lack as compared to others or perfectly staged pictures I see on the Internet or in magazines.

How do you make your house a home, while realizing that it is not our forever home?

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  1. I am with you on wanting my house to be home, regardless of where or which house it is. Make it a home and when your kids are grown they will want to come back and visit....or stay. Sounds like you have it balanced.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and you are right, my older children rarely come home alone!

  2. I love this! My house is very much relaxed and not necessarily up to date. Not really in the most desirable neighborhood, but God choose this house for us so we can focus on other more important issues. Sometimes I still struggle with where I am but your so right when you say "we aren't home yet". :-)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and taking the time to comment. Love ya friend!

  3. I enjoy fixing my earthly home, while looking forward to my permanent one. And,I make up words all the time, too.


  4. Lovely post! No, this world is not our home, and we do well to remember that. But aren't we grateful that God provides us for us here and blesses us with places to live, love, and serve Him? Your outlook is a good one, I think!