Monday, January 28, 2013

Shaking me Up

Our Bible Study group started Experiencing God last week.  When leadership decided to do this study, I was not sure about being a group leader.  You see I have done Experiencing God before and I think it gets all up in my business like no other study I have ever done.  Was I ready for that?  I honestly wasn't sure, but with encouragement from Mr. Wonderful I said I would if they needed me, I left an out, you know maybe they wouldn't need me.

We had our first meeting last week and this was our first week of study.  Well day one I was challenged, all week I was challenged.  My book is marked up, highlighted, written in, God is speaking to me!  I like a plan, you remember my last post, To Do List and Productivity.  Well God rarely gives us the plan, He just asks us to follow.  Think about Abram's call, pack up your family and everything you own and go to the place I will show you, Genesis 12:1.  There is no Google Map to show you exactly where you are going, no this is what you will do when you get there, just pack up and go and I will show you.  Do I have that kind of faith?  Walking by faith, not by sight.  Abram didn't have a plan B, I often times have a plan B, C and sometimes D!  That is definitely not walking by faith.  God is certainly  challenging me.

Have you ever taken Experiencing God, if not I would highly recommend it, or if it has been a while pick it up again.  God is mercifully reminding me of things that I have forgotten about Him and my relationship with Him.  Boy I have gotten a little comfortable and I need a little shaking up!

I would love to hear about a meaningful Bible study you are currently involved in taking!
Click here for more information on the study Experiencing God.

Growing Home

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