Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Do List and Productivity

Do you ever have those times of being unproductive?  It is usually just a day or two,  but this past week it seemed to be the whole week.  Since the beginning of the year I have really been working hard on getting some closets cleaned out and things reorganized, clearing the clutter that often seems to creep into my life, but last week, nothing, just enough to stay on top, but not much else.  I hate that.  Generally I plan my week out ahead of time, without being legalistic about following it to a "T", but it does seem to provide the framework for my week and allows me to be my most productive.   I love Pinterest and have found some great home management tools there, I thought I would share them with you beginning today with something I use every week.

My weekly "To Do" list comes from Money Saving Mom, (click on her name to find it) she refers to it as a Daily Docket, but I prefer to use one a week.  It is completely customizable and I have found it to be very helpful.  I usually print enough for the month and put them in my Home Management Binder to refer to daily.

 I customize mine like this:  in the to do section I type in M for Monday with about 3-4 spaces, then T for Tuesday, etc. adding what are the most important things to get done on that day for the week.  This has also proved valuable in planning errands, if I am going to take my daughter to tennis on Tuesday and I know that I need to pick up a couple of things near the courts I plan to do it all on Tuesday.  This just keeps me from wasting time and allows me to see a snapshot of my week.

  In the chores area I list those things that are done weekly so that I can check them off as they are completed, this section includes paying bills, grocery shopping and menu planning among other things and then each room in my house is listed individually so that when that room has had it's weekly maintenance I check it off.

 In the Menu section I plan out our evening meals in the same manner as the to do section with an M for Monday, etc.  I only include this meal because it is the one that requires the most preparation.  Our breakfasts consist mostly of cereal and fruit, lunch is leftovers or sandwiches.

 The other sections include Goals for the Month where I list things I want to complete by the end of the month, if I complete them on that week then the next week I will add something else.  I usually never list more than three.  If I have to keep writing the same goal over, I try to evaluate if it really needs to get done and if so give myself a deadline.  Some of the other areas include my daily Bible reading, my Thankful list where I write one thing I am thankful for each day.  There are lots of ways to customize this and I change mine up as needed.  This has proved to be a valuable tool for me to keep my week on track and well organized.

This is just one tool I have found to be valuable to my week, you know as I look back I didn't complete my "To Do" list last week!  Is there something you use to plan your week, if so send me the link so I can check it out!
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