Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Return to India

Our return trip to India is just a few weeks away.  Our church has an ongoing partnership with missionaries there.  Mr Wonderful has been five times, this is my second,  my first trip being last May.   I was so excited, it was my first international mission trip, and the opportunity to share it with the hubs made it that much better.
Precious faces!

On the first trip my part consisted of working mostly with women who were professed believers in God.  I was touched by their commitment in the face of adversity, I was touched by their willingness to give of themselves and share their culture with us.  We also had the opportunity to visit with some other ladies along with their children in their homes.  They were such gracious hostesses and listened to us as we shared the love of Christ with them.  It was so sweet to be welcomed into their homes and even asked to pray for them.   Finally we were blessed with the opportunity to visit some ladies in a brothel, this was very special as we  shared Christ with them.  It was an experience that touched me deeply.

Getting a henna tattoo from a new friend (by the way it washes off)!

As I prepare for this trip, I am different.  I am excited to go back, but this time I am aware of the darkness that awaits.  Having looked in the depths of the saddest eyes I have ever seen that still haunt me even today, it is those eyes that compel me to return. Not because I have anything to offer,  as a matter of fact, I have nothing to offer.  I cannot tell the one who already believes that she will not be kicked out of her home because she has become a Christ follower.  I cannot tell another that invited me into her home, one room where she lived with her husband and several children, but was immaculately clean, that as she cooks over an open flame outside that she will have enough to feed her children in the days to come if she accepts Jesus.  I can't tell the sex worker that she can leave the brothel if she becomes a believer, because indeed she can't.  I cannot stay in India and walk through the darkness everyday with them, but there is one who can and that is Christ.  I can't change their circumstances, but indeed God can.  The only hope I have to offer is the hope that comes with a personal relationship of following God daily.  You see I don't go to India because I am able to make a difference, I go to India to share with them that there is only who can.

Our Simple Country Life


  1. I am an Indian living in the Middle-east. I thank God that He has enabled you to go to India and be the light that shines in the darkness.May the Lord Jesus Christ guide you and empower you to spread the fragrance of the gospel in India.
    Sarita Mendonca

    1. I am touched by your response and encouragement!

  2. My sister just returned from a mission trip to India. She said it was an amazing trip and so much was accomplished. May God be with you as you travel.


    1. Thank you Karianne! I lived in central KY until a few years ago! I enjoy your blog.