Saturday, March 23, 2013


I love the Cinderella Ball!  This is the first year our church here has had one, but we have participated previously.   It is a ball for fathers, brothers, grandfathers, or special male role models in a girls life, (no boyfriends) that is planned in a Christian environment, it is a special night that  portrays how a young lady should be and deserves to be treated on a date, either now if they are that age, or in the future.  Our church limited it to ages four years old through 12th grade.

Picture taken by my friend Abby

I was a server this year and I told a friend I felt like I was at a red carpet event watching the celebrities walk into the banquet hall.  It was so sweet to see little girls dressed in "princess" dresses.  Some had shopped for a new dress, some had chosen to wear dad's favorite dress, and some wore dresses that were worn in weddings or other meaningful events and were excited to get to wear again.  I saw a precious little one with two older brothers as her dates, I saw dads with one, two and three darling daughters, I saw a young girl whose brother donned his dress military uniform and  men who were willing to be Godly examples to girls who didn't have a male in their lives.  There were a few grampa's with  a much younger date.  Girls were nervous and giggling, men were proud to have such beauties for the evening, there were many smiles.

Sweet Friends

Mr. Wonderful and Darling Daughter have a regular date night  (usually when I meet with a group of sweet lady friends).  It may be fast food and something on TV,  dinner at a favorite restaurant or occasionally a movie, but the Ball is different.  A corsage is bought, a dress is picked out, nails and hair are done and  he chooses a tie to match her dress.  The evening includes dinner, a DJ and an evening of dancing,  lots of pics not only by mom but a professional photographer.  It is  an opportunity for a dad to show his daughter how very special she is, but it is also a chance to show her how it feels to be treated like a lady and therefore she can recognize when she isn't.  It is about door opening, seat holding good manners that sometimes feels like a lost art.  It is a night that Darling Daughter looks forward to sharing with just dad.

Mr. Wonderful and Darling Daughter!

In a world that seems to value the wrong things and many times devalue girls, it is a blessing to have an evening that is about modeling what is really important.  Yes the girls enjoyed getting to dress up, but dresses were appropriate to young women,  the evening was about being treated with respect, about being valued for the beauty inside, about how to honor God with our actions whether they be on the dance floor or at the dinner table.  It was about having a good time and still maintaining dignity.


When the night ended, there were some dads that had to carry their little angels out, they were exhausted.  I also heard of some who were not ready for the night to end and were headed for ice cream or some other favorite treat.  There were many thank yous for  a memorable evening for both the gentlemen and their special dates!

Pics were borrowed from my friend Amy Tate!

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  1. Beautifully written Gay! It was such a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for posting Abby's picture, she's so excited about it! :)

  2. It was a special experience and the picture she took is beautiful. I appreciate her letting me use it!