Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Madness

Family is very important to me, it is difficult for me to realize how little I see my adult sons, and am tempted to hang on to the teen daughter a little too tight as a result!  I have one son in graduate school that is a grad assistant for football, although he only lives a couple of hours away, due to his busy schedule and ours, it is hard to get together.  My other son is in school in KY and it has been a year since he has been to TX.  We saw him over Christmas, but he works full time, goes to school full time and volunteers with his church, in other words he has a busy life!   Facetime is my friend!

The hubs is a huge sports fan and growing up in KY, March Madness, college basketball's championship tournament is the king of sporting events and it fills basically every weekend in the month of March with a selection show to find out who gets in the tournament at the first of the month, and the final game not being until April.  OK, I know if you are not a sports fan and even if you are, I have bored you to death, but I felt the need to give a little background, so if you haven't quit reading I will tell you what this has to do with family bringing my family together.

Ever since we have been married we have each filled out a bracket for the tournament.  Even my children have  from about  four or five years of age.  We keep a tally of how many  games each person gets correct and the person with the most points wins.  When they were younger it would be choosing family night activity or a favorite place to each, something small but fun.  Well in the past few years it has really been only the three of us living at home that have filled out brackets here, but this year I decided that we needed to revive the whole family competition.  So what sweetens the pot for a little friendly competition, offering a prize worth competing for, and this year that is a $25 gift card to wherever the winner chooses .   Now to two college students and a teenager that is a gift worth playing for.  Everyone filled out a bracket, with the sons phoning theirs in to me.  Last week end there were lots of calls during Rounds 2 and 3 to see who was in the lead and how their bracket was comparing.  It has been so much fun and worth the effort it has taken to keep up with everything.  I have certainly felt a little more connected and we all have enjoyed the competition.

Who is in the lead you ask, well after round 2............Darling Daughter.  And after round 3 ...............yours truly and Darling Daughter are tied!!!!!!!  The guys are scratching their heads, but I am thinking the girls may just pull it out this year even though there is a long way to go.

Do you have any fun activities that you and your family do that everyone enjoys?  What do you to make the miles seem a little closer when your family is separated?

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