Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Miracle for Jen"

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When I picked "Miracle for Jen" I thought it was a feel good book about a family's triumph over tragedy, what I received was so much more!   I love stories of God's answered prayer, I have a sixteen year old daughter who home schools through Liberty Online, where Jen was attending the actual campus when the accident occurred, this book sounded like a great read for me.    As  I began "Miracle for Jen" I was looking for a neat and tidy story that left me feeling good, what I got was a moving story of a mom's  honesty, disappointment, struggle, and a acceptance of God's will for her family that at first seemed contrary to her own.

Linda Barrick, author of the book and Jennifer's mother is painfully truthful about the suffering, both physical and mental of a tragic accident that changed her family forever.  The Barrick's were returning from  a church service when they were hit hit head on by a drunk driver going the wrong way.  Although each one was injured, fifteen year old Jennifer was the most severe.  You will accompany them on this journey celebrating the triumphs, as well as the disappointments written from a mother's heart.  I must admit about half way through I wasn't sure I wanted to finish as it became clear that God would not answer Linda's heartfelt prayer in the way that she (and I) wanted.  But I am so glad I didn't quit.  As Linda began to see that God was answering her prayer and using her daughter in a mighty way, I too began to realize that as a parent my plan for my children is not always God's plan and God's plan is so much better!

"Miracle for Jen" is inspirational and I am sure you would enjoy it.  I have also attached a video as well as a link to her ministry organization Hope Out Loud.

Tyndale provided me with this book, but the review is my personal opinion.

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  1. Thanks! I saw your link on Imparting Grace and immediately thought, "I'm always looking for a good book!" This looks inspiring.

    1. Thanks for stopping in, I look forward to visiting you as well!