Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pondering my Savior

Alone.  Alone with my thoughts and my feelings.  Alone in a crowd of a more than a thousand people,   pondering Christ.  Yes pondering as Mary pondered Jesus' birth and all that surrounded it, I am pondering Christ's death and all that it means to me.

                But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.   
    Luke 2:1

Mary pondered as a mother, I am pondering as a child.  Mary pondered those who came, I ponder those who have rejected.  Mary pondered what might be to come, I ponder what has already happened.  Mary pondered the wonder of a virgin birth, I ponder the cruel death on a cross.  Mary pondered the lifetime of her child, I ponder eternity because of that child.  Mary pondered unsure, I ponder with certainty.  Mary pondered with hope for the here and now, I ponder with hope for the eternal.  Mary pondered in a stable, I ponder at my church.  Mary pondered a babe, I ponder a Savior.

Have you pondered Christ lately?  Take a few moments and think on Him.  

This is a repost from an Easter past, but it is still very meaningful for me today!  Happy Easter!

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