Monday, March 11, 2013


It has been a week since our return from a second trip to India.  It has taken me a week to get over jet lag, but more so to process all that I saw and experienced.  My first trip to India (blog post here Return to India) was working mostly with believers, this trip was working mostly in the brothels.  Human trafficking in India is a huge problem and we go to share the love of the Savior with those who are being trafficked.
A Village we were blessed to visit and fellowship with the ladies!

If you had told me three years ago, two years ago that I would be walking into brothels in India with a group of ladies, and no American men I would have said you are crazy.  If you would have told me that I would be staying in a hotel in India with no American men, being driven to various locations by drivers who spoke very little English, hanging out with some women who are owned, yes owned, by someone else, laughing, having a great time and sharing the love of the One who not only died for me but died for them as well, well I would have said no way.  But indeed that is what happened!  God shielded us from the ugliness and darkness that we were walking into and we only saw women who were hurting and needed a Savior.  We talked of our children, because that is what women do, they wanted to know if I color my hair, because women want to know those things.  We shared ice cream, their treat and boy was it good!  For those few days we were women visiting with women, yes there were translators who were nationals that have a love of God and a desire to share it with these ladies, but basically language was our only barrier.

How can a woman who has been a pastor's wife her whole adult life and a woman who knows nothing of a loving Savior that has had a life of being used and abused have so much in common?   God! Basically we were just women, made in the image of our Creator, sharing what women share when they get together, our similarities overcame our differences.

We work with local missionaries that have an ongoing ministry to these ladies!  Please pray for them and what God has laid on their hearts.  Please pray for "Lady B" who is a former worker, now a believer that feels led to stay in the area and witness to workers on a daily basis.  Please pray for two young ladies that are leaving this way of life and those who will be ministering to them long term.  Their wounds are deep, but we know the Healer and Great Physician.

The pictures I share are limited, due to the sensitivity of our visit, but oh how I wish my eyes were cameras and you could see what I saw.  Not only the pain and suffering because I know you would be touched as deeply as I continue to be, but you could also share the beauty of the people!  I welcome any questions.

Mr. Wonderful's blog post is here, Pastor Barry's blog.  The men were teaching the Bible to believers so they can return to their villages and continue the work there!

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