Sunday, June 30, 2013

Overnight Guests, Perfection Not Required

We are having our second round of overnight guests, my parents are coming to stay for a week and we are excited.  Several weeks ago we did some major moving around, including the guest room.  The guest room used to also be my craft room, but now it is just the guest room.  Awesome, except we didn't get all (any) of the things done that were on the to do list before we had our first guests or now our second guests.  Mr. Wonderful offered to do a quick paint job of the walls in between our guests coming, but I really want to do it all at one time.  So it is still not finished.  You say, it can't be that bad, and really it isn't except where I took down some large wall shelves I used in the craft area and had big holes, patched the holes only to realize we didn't have the paint to match the room.  We haven't painted this room since we bought the house.  So it looks like this:

What's a girl to do, hang a picture over it!

Ok, too high and you can still see the mismatched paint, but it looks better! And it doesn't have to be perfect to be welcoming.

Here are ten things that are a nice addition to a guest room.  None of these are deal breakers on having guests, this is the first time in a long time I have had a dedicated guest room, but it didn't stop me from having folks over, just had to get creative!

1.  Clean bedding!  No matter if the bed is an air mattress or a nice bed, clean bedding is an absolute must.

2.  We like to sleep cold at my house, so I always include an extra blanket.  Remember your  sleeping habits are not what others are use to, so include blankets and fans, year around.

3.  An alarm clock and space in outlets to plug in phones, hair dryers, etc.  I know most people use their phones for their alarm clocks these days, but I still think a clock in the room is nice to offer.  I also make sure the room has a mirror.

4.  A lamp by the bed for reading.  I also add a basket of reading material including some current magazines, a few novels (including a cheezy one set in the city where we live) and a Bible.

5.  I like to include a toothbrush, and some sample hair and bath products.  Just in case someone forgot something.

6.  A chair, if you have room for it, my chair isn't particularly comfortable, but it provides a place to sit and put on shoes, or a place to lay something.

7.   Room to hang things!  The whole closet doesn't have to be available, thank goodness, but ample place to hang a few clothes and available hangers.

8.  A clean surface to put their stuff, I usually have to clean something off before they arrive.

9.  Access to bathroom, and extra towels.  We don't have just guest towels, but I usually purchase a few new towels before guests arrive, it gives me the opportunity to keep my towels updated and ensures that I am not doing laundry the whole time.  (Click here to see our bathroom update.)

10.  A hostess with a good attitude that realizes it is not about the room, or everything that didn't get done, but it is about the fellowship and good times that will be had!

As I said, these are not meant to use as excuses not to extend hospitality, just suggestions for nice extras.  Although I think one and ten are on the must list!

Did I forget anything, what are your guestroom must haves?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. It's a good reminder to just do it and stop worrying about my house!
    May you be magnificently blessed today!
    Tina @ Mommynificent

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and yes the blessing is in the fellowship not worrying about our homes.