Sunday, June 2, 2013

Updating the Bath

We have been so busy trying to complete a few projects around the house.  There is nothing like expecting overnight guests to get me motivated.  We have a nice sized home with only two bathrooms, which means that guests have to use the master or the hall bath.  The hall bath also happens to be Darling Daughter's bathroom.  I have wanted to make a few changes in there for a while, but have been dragging my feet.  A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get started.  I chose to paint it the same gray that is in Darling Daughter's room, I like the color and I had enough to do the bath as it is relatively small.

This is the best pic I had from before we started.  It was a chartreuse color, the color when we moved in, the vanity was white, and the mirror was a brown color.  You can barely see it in this pic, but there was a small molding at the top of the wall.  

This is after the vanity was painted black and starting on the walls.  The bar light was the same color as the mirror.
Mr. Wonderful took down the small molding and installed a more substantial crown molding,  work in progress in this pic.  We also replaced all of the baseboard and painted all of the trim.  I am so blessed that the hubs enjoys working on DIY projects with me.

Darling Daughter chose purples to go with the gray,  I have purple no where else in the house, but this is her bath and and she will only be here a couple of more years before college and so I wanted to have something she enjoyed.   Armed with nothing more than a small budget, $50,  I headed to Homegoods and I did well.

I am very pleased with the results as is Darling Daughter.  It is very hard to get a decent pic in this small room, but here are a couple.

I spray painted the mirror satin black as well as the bar light to match the vanity.   I am a white woodwork girl, I love the contrast of the white crown and baseboards against the gray.  I hope to paint all of the woodwork in the house, but that is another day.
I didn't think I had anything to go with purple, but I remembered two plates that I had kept just because. One of my favorite accents to decorate with is plates, and they were the perfect touch in this room. 
We are now ready for our guests with a bright clean bath to welcome them during their stay!


  1. What a beautiful makeover! I love grays and purples together but would never have thought to add in the black. Very very pretty. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Beautiful! You are ready for guests and we are ready to come on over! How about that? LOL! ;) You did a great job! :)

  3. Paloma, you are welcome any day! Thanks.