Thursday, June 20, 2013

What I learned at VBS

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Like so many churches in the summer we are having Vacation Bible School, better know as VBS.  You know the saying it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes a dedicated body to execute a VBS. As a child it was always a highlight of summer and you never could truly appreciate or understand all the work that it took to make it happen.  This year my job requires just a few days, so I get to be a fly on the wall so to speak.  I get to see the hand holding, apple chopping, glue squeezing, mission telling, Bible story sharing, game playing dedication that goes on for three hours,  what an amazing group of people.

I began to reflect on a few things I learned attending VBS from some of those amazing people:

1.  It doesn't matter what we have to give, we just need to give what we have.  As adults we sometimes get caught up in how much or how little we have to give, kids are just happy to get to be apart of the giving and they are so excited to see what we can do when we put it all together.  When totals are given whether it is canned goods, shoes or pennies, cheers are heard all over the building.

2.  True hospitality can be shared over Kool aide and cookies.   Some of the best conversations were had over those cups of luke warm Kool aide and cookies that were never seen before or again.  It doesn't have to be fancy or even that good to inspire true fellowship.  We need to remember that in our homes.

3.  I don't always get to carry the flag, but I can still say the pledge.  I don't always get to be line leader, but I still walk in it, they don't always choose the song I want to sing, but I can still sing.  It wasn't about me then and it isn't about me today!

4.  Some amazing things can be made with popsicle sticks and egg cartons.  Most of our crafts today are the kind that come with all of the parts in a bag, but we made things from what most of us consider trash today and you know what we made some pretty cool stuff.  It just  showed us that God can take a whole lot of junk in our lives and turn it into something beautiful if we let Him.

5.  The answer to all of life's questions is Jesus.  When the teacher asked a question, if you were a VBS veteran you knew your chances were pretty good of getting it right if you answered Jesus.  You know what, that is still true today, whatever my question, I am sure the answer is Jesus!

What did you learn in VBS?  Does your church have VBS and if so what is your job?

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