Thursday, August 29, 2013

Routine, Productivity and Life

I hate to admit it, I really do.  It makes me feel soooooo, well boring.  I like routine.  I know being spontaneous is suppose to be more fun and exciting, but a routine makes me far more productive so I have time to have fun and as a result I am happier.

We have had a busy summer, preparing for trips, camps, mission trips and overnight guests.  I have basically had no routine for several months.  Oh things haven't fallen apart, but for me the lack of routine causes stress, I never feel as if I am on top of things, but I am just waiting for the next thing. Instead of being proactive in every aspect of my life, I had become reactive, including shopping at the last minute for gifts or groceries, doing laundry when there are no more towels, the sink of dirty dishes, and on and on.  I never feel like I am on top of "it", but more like "it" is on top of me.

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This week Darling Daughter started school, and I printed my trusty to do list (that I talked about using here) and got with it.  I am still trying to work on how best to use my time, it is about a 50 minute round trip to take and pick up the girl from school, but I am more excited than one woman should be about having a list and checking things off!  I already feel as if I have accomplished more in the last few days than the last few weeks combined.  I have a list of projects I want to complete as well as the everyday chores.  No it won't all get done this week, but I am more relaxed knowing it will get done, not wondering if it will get done.

What is your best time management tip?  How do you work best, are you a list person like me, or are you more spontaneous?

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  1. I used to be that way when My Three Sons were still at home. Now if i just accomplish one or two things I feel like it's a major big deal! Turning 50 changed everything, lol. Love your blog, it is so beautiful! Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Fifty is not so far away, I have two older sons who are on their own, maybe I will learn to relax a little when we hit empty nest!

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  3. Loved this . . . thank you!