Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY Your Family Room

Just a week ago we were praying about putting our house on the market.  The housing market is really booming in our area and it has been my desire since our move here almost three years ago to move to an older area where the lots are larger.  So we began to pray about maybe making a move, we looked at houses in my target area and doors only seemed to shut,  one house sold before we could make an appointment to see it, on market less than a week, another was only interested in cash offers and a couple of other things like that.  Well closed doors don't always mean that God is doing the closing, but as we prayed we sensed that in this case it was God closing the doors.  So we (I) decided to fall in love with our house.  Every house we looked at was 40 plus years old and would need some work, so we decided to work on our house and make some desired changes.
A little too formal for what we want, can you see Mr. Wonderful couldn't wait for me to snap a before pic!

Well when Mr. Wonderful makes his mind up to make changes, he is ready to start so at ten pm he went to the garage and got his crow bar and hammer and tackled the fireplace.  Our mantle was nice but a little too formal for a family room, so we started taking things off.  Saturday we went to choose flooring, yes we are putting in hardwood flooring, and then to the adult toy store, Lowes to pick up what we needed to reface the mantle.  Now mind you Friday morning we were still praying about listing our house and it was close to picture ready and Saturday evening the baseboards are gone, the mantle is refaced and our whole house is in disarray!
Adding our preferred Shaker style trim.

It is amazing the peace we both felt as we discovered God's will for us to stay here!  I wish I could give you 10 steps to discovering God's will in any given situation,  but I have found in my life it isn't about steps, but a relationship.  It is a journey of prayer, and for me in this case, I needed to look around and see other houses to appreciate the blessing of my house.  What has changed in a week, my house is still on a lot the size of a postage stamp, I still have neighbors on every side, my situation hasn't changed.  But my attitude and perspective have!  I choose to be thankful for where I am, I choose to reflect on the positive attributes of my house and not the things I consider negative.  I choose to trust that God knows why He wants our family to stay put, and I don't have to.  I choose to be thankful for my blessings and ask God to give me contentment in all things!

So join us on the journey of the largest reno project we have attempted while living in a house! We are only on day four and the mess is stressing me out!
The tile is next!

DIY Your Family Room Part 2

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