Thursday, September 12, 2013

MIssion Trip Reminders

As I was reflecting on our busy summer, I realized that between the three of us, we had participated in mission trips in three foreign countries and two states outside of Texas.  I hope this doesn't sound braggy because it isn't meant to.  Although that made for quite a busy summer, it was also very humbling and inspiring to get to be apart of what God is doing in so many places.  I realized that mission trips are very important, not only to me but our family and I am thankful that at this time in our lives God is allowing us to be active participants.  A few things that mission trips remind me of:

  1. Mission trips make me aware of how big and awesome our God truly is.  I sometimes get caught up in what God is doing in my little corner of the world and although that is not necessarily a bad thing, for me I tend to forget that God is at work everywhere and not just here.  It reminds me my world should revolve around God, His world doesn't revolve around me.
  2. Mission trips remind me of the hurting people without the love of God in their lives.  Whether it be the victims of human trafficking in India, a dad who lost his job in Tacoma, the drug addict living on the street in Seattle, the Roma people who are discriminated against in Czech,  the single mom in Atlanta just trying to get by or the orphaned child living on the streets of Peru, people are hurting and they need Jesus.  It also makes me realize that I don't have to travel out of my city to see these same needs.
  3. Mission trips remind me it is not about me!  I hate to admit it, but I get caught up in my life.  I get caught up in things that really have no eternal significance.  You know it really doesn't matter what color I want to paint the den, it really doesn't matter that I need/want a new pair of shoes, it really doesn't matter about next month's travel plans.  What does matter is serving God everyday!
  4. Mission trips remind me to live simply.  I don't need another pair of black pants, even if they are on sale, one pair is plenty. I don't need the latest crafty gadget, even though it looks really cool.   I am always humbled by the places people live, some in train stations, some have families of eight or nine living in an apartment no bigger than one room of my home, some under bridges or  with dirt floors.  Do I need one more serving dish, one more pillow, one more pair of earrings, one more jacket?  Don't I already own those things?  Yes, I need to live more simply and be content with the abundance of my blessings.
  5. Mission trips remind me to be more faithful in prayers.  Prayers for the lost, that truth would be revealed to them. Prayers for those who feel called to serve away from their families, prayers for their strength, encouragement and wisdom.  And prayers for new believers, whether it is in the US or another country, it is not easy to stand strong in your faith in the midst of persecution.
These are just a few things that mission trips remind me of in life.  Have you ever gone on a mission trip, what did God teach you through it? If you have never been on a mission trip, I encourage you to pray about it.  Perhaps traveling to a foreign country is not possible, or even leaving your state.  There are plenty of places in your area.  Contact your local church and ask where you can serve for an afternoon, you won't be sorry!

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