Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quick Light Changes

I love little changes, sometimes they are things that only I notice, but that is OK.  When we moved into our home there was nothing that had or really needed to be done, our previous home was a total redo so it was nice.  But there are always things that you want to change, that maybe are not your particular taste and lighting has been one of those things.  I would love to change lighting through the whole house but so far we have only changed a few.  We have seven recessed lights in the entry and kitchen area.  They looked like this:
There was nothing wrong with them, they were actually pretty expensive lights, they just weren't my taste.  Also there were two recessed lights over our breakfast table and I wanted an actual light that hangs down.  

The decorative ring came off in two pieces and it was pretty easy to take off.  I cleaned both the glass and the metal ring.  I spray painted the metal ring black and the glass I spray painted white.

I also bought a recessed light converter kit to change the one over the table.

Mr. Wonderful spent a Saturday afternoon making the change.

It now looks like this and I couldn't be happier. No one will probably notice the change with the recessed lights, but it matches the light over the table now and I like it much better.   
This change was fairly inexpensive with the new light fixture of course being the most expensive part.  I am so blessed to have a hubby that can and does make the small changes I desire.  

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