Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY Your Family Room Part 2

Well I must say it is best not to start a major project and then get sick, or maybe it wasn't so bad, I laid on the couch and showed pinterest pics and gave "suggestions".  Then the following week, I had to catch up on everything I got behind on.  I am thankfully better and things are moving right along.  Considering we are doing everything but the flooring ourselves and most of the big projects take place on the weekends, it really is going pretty fast, although the mess is stressful.

We started with the fireplace mantle, (here) and then took off the tile.  The destruction took place with me on the couch mostly only occasionally carrying out buckets of broken tile.  This was a messy job and my whole house was covered in dust, one of the many things I worked on when I was up and around.

We then used cement backer board around the fireplace opening, we have a gas fireplace.  It sat like this for a week.
I love the new mantle!
This past weekend we tiled, we have tiled a floor before but this was our first fireplace.  Yes we had a garden wheel barrow in our family room, we used it to mix the mortar thin coat.  Mr. Wonderful and I make a pretty good team.   We laid our tile out on the floor to give us an idea of how it would fit together.  He used the wet saw to cut and I "buttered" the tile.

The whole project went fairly quickly and was not difficult.  I am not going to show you the finished project just yet, but I am overjoyed with the end result.  It is better than I anticipated when we chose the tile!

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  1. It does look like it must have turned out beautiful! :) Great job! Very neat!

    1. You are always so sweet and with everything we have going on, it is not finished. Probably a few more weeks!