Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY Your Family Room Part 3

Lots of things going on to prolong the family room project, but making progress none the less.  It has been such a fun project, lots of hard work, but I have loved everything we have worked on.  Our windows throughout  our whole house have a sash but no side or top trim.  This is something I wanted to change, less is not more in my mind when it comes to trim.

I found a great tutorial from Make It and Love It.  It took us step by step through the process, with lots of great pics.  It truly made the process easy.  We chose to use wood for all of our trim instead of MDF, but other than that we followed pretty closely.

Then it was lots and lots of paint.

I love the end result!

The quality of pics in this post is very poor.  It was so hard to get a good shot with no window covering.  If you are interested in doing this project in your home,  Make It and Love It has awesome pics that does the project justice showing the details.

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