Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Enough is Enough

Sometimes enough is enough!  Such is the case with my Christmas decor.  As I said before I love to decorate for Christmas but each year I start saying I am going to simplify, yet once I get started I don't always know when to stop.  Even from the pictures I took last week, I have made some changes.  I just keep thinking of one more thing, or I see something else in a home tour or on Pinterest that would just be perfect.

How do you know when to stop or quite frankly enough is enough?  When my focus becomes my decor and not the joyous reason we celebrate Christmas.  I want my decorations to reflect my belief in Jesus, but I have to look around and ask myself does it point to Him or are they just pretty decorations.  Does my decorating add to my families enjoyment or does it become a distraction?  Can my family relax in our own home, or does it become a don't touch, don't mess it up zone.  Am I stressed?  If any of these are true, it is time to stop.

I am having a potluck meal at my house this weekend and I have to declare that everything is done!  There are other things that need my attention.  Are there festive touches that I wanted to do, but will not get finished?  Absolutely!  I had a couple of glass etching projects and a few things on my Cricut that I thought would be really cute, but as of now they will remain ideas.   Guess what, I am ok with that.

I want my family and my guests to feel loved and cared for, I don't want them to remember that although I had nice Christmas decorations, I was too stressed to enjoy them, that even though the house looked festive, it didn't feel inviting or the fellowship wasn't sweet, because will anyone truly remember the decorations if I am not hospitable.

I am now claiming this Christmas as done!  Let the celebration of our Savior with family and friends begin!

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