Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beyonce', Susanna Wesley, Katie Davis and My To Do List

I have been struggling with time management lately. I have worked on this post for four days, because of a super busy schedule as well as a few of my time wasters, Facebook, Pinterest, and just the Internet in general. So I am trying to regain some control over that area as well as use my time wisely and fully! Can anyone relate? I was looking at Pinterest (I know I just said time waster, but it can also be inspiration if managed correctly!) at some time management tips and one of those cute little cards that have the one liners popped up that said you have the same amount of time in one day as Beyoncé. So I began to think about this and indeed that is true, and this is not a "hatin" on Beyoncé, but I thought is that really who I want to compare myself to, yes she is gorgeous, no question, she seems to have a happy marriage and beautiful child and I am sure she has worked hard, you don't usually make it in any business unless you have, but is that who I want to compare my life to? Not a bad thing mind you, but what is it I want to accomplish and I began to do some research on women who have made a difference.

 Susanna Wesley, bore  nineteen children, no I am not interested in that, but she taught them at home and she is credited with being the mother of Methodism, her sons included famous theologians John Wesley and Charles Wesley. Her husband traveled extensively and she was left with the sole care of her brood much of the time, she is known for spending an hour with each of her children alone each week inquiring of their spiritual condition and how they were progressing in their walk with God. She is also known for raising her apron above her head in order to have her daily prayer time.

Lottie Moon moved away from family, love and a promising future to give herself completely to the people of China, sharing the love of Christ with a people she adopted as her own. She was well educated, and she used that education, along with a good cookie recipe to be accepted by the people that she loved. Lottie died while serving these people at the age of 72.

Sojourner Truth came from a life of slavery to inspire a nation on women's rights and abolition. She worked hard for both causes and became a well known speaker. She was uneducated but didn't allow her perceived limitations to stop her from becoming an influential person in a time where women's views were not respected.

Corrie ten Boom and her family chose to act on their convictions and hid Jews in their home from Nazi persecution and then helped them gain freedom. It is estimated that ten Boom and her family helped over 800 Jews escape and ultimately spent time in prison for her role in their crusade.

 Mother Theresa spent her entire life serving not only India, but around the world to help those in poverty, referred to as the poorest of the poor as well as those suffering from HIV, leprosy and other illnesses and started orphanages, open air schools, hospice care hospitals, soup kitchens and numerous other humanitarian causes. She won various honors including the Nobel Peace Prize. She never stopped working for the cause for which she felt called.

 Katie Davis is a young woman who has moved to Uganda and adopted numerous children and developed a foundation to support many more children. She has given up what we as Americans would consider a normal life for the sake of children she loves and feels called to serve.

These are just a few women who have worked and affected change in the world around us. Yes I have the same about of hours and minutes in my days as Susanna Wesley, Lottie Moon, Sojourner Truth, Corrie ten Boom, Mother Theresa, Katie Davis and even Beyoncé. My question then becomes what am I accomplishing in my day?

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