Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why I Coupon

I know that not everyone is a fan of couponing. Although my hubby would probably disagree, I am not a hard core couponer. You know the ones that make it on TV and have large storage closets full of items they were able to get for free. I consider myself more of a casual couponer. I have heard the arguments, you buy things you don't need or even like, it takes too much time, I can't find coupons for things I actually use. But for me and my family it certainly stretches our budget and is worth the investment of a little bit of time.

Being a SAHM, couponing is one way I contribute to my family. Couponing also allows us to use some items that would not be in the budget. You know Darling Daughter likes the really nice razors and they can get expensive, but with couponing I can usually get them for less than the cheap ones. I follow a few rules, I only clip coupons for items that we use. If something is free I might try it, but other than that I don't waste time clipping those. I only buy most of our toiletries and cleaning supplies if I have a coupon. Because I cook mostly from scratch, I don't find many coupons for groceries in general although occasionally Kroger will send coupons in the mail for items that I purchase often. Mr. Wonderful eats cereal everyday, it is just how he rolls, I can generally find coupons for his favorites. Pair these things with sales and I can save quite a bit of money. There are also a few snack items that we enjoy that I only buy when I get a coupon.

I generally don't go clothes shopping without a coupon. Macy's, JCP, Kohl's, Palais Royal, Old Navy, American Eagle and many more offer regular coupons and deals. I generally know the items that I need and when I have a coupon I will look for those specific things. If I know I need a pair of black dress pants, I will wait until I have a coupon in hand and head to that store, if I don't find a sale that I can match with my coupon I will wait until I get something for another store. I know some people might call me cheap, but I don't mind. We have a budget and I like to get the most for my money!

Case in point. I spent 15 minutes cutting out coupons from the P&G insert that came in my Sunday paper and I also got one mid week in our local paper. I matched my coupons with the CVS sale bill, one of my favorites because they offer Extra Care Bucks. I was gone from my house for about 30 minutes, yes it is close by, I spent less than $5 out of pocket and I saved $63.99 and came home with $10 ECB. So I would say that I got a great return on my investment of time. I don't do this well every week, but with a little time you can certainly bless your family with a few extras.

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  1. Love it!!! I coupon all the time! I just got back from the store. I have plenty in the bathroom closet, but I can't pass up name brand conditioner when I can get it for $.54 a bottle. It's always nice to have it on hand and not have to worry about running out! Good job!

    Lauren Lawson :)