Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's and We Time

One of the things we have chosen to focus on this year as a couple is our "we" time. The hubby and I spend a fair amount of time together, but it is often filled with church activities and responsibilities or our children. So we decided to be more intentional about the time we spend together, as a result we spent Friday evening at our friend's beach house in Galveston and enjoyed some time focusing on each other and our relationship. We wandered through numerous antique stores and ate some really good food but mostly spent time talking and enjoying each other's company. I encourage you to carve out a little "we" time with the one you love. You may not be blessed with an overnight, but being intentional to focus on one another even over a cup of coffee before the kids get up or after they are in bed is a great start!

Although I used to decorate more for various seasons, these days it is a little more toned down. Just a few touches here and there. My door decoration is a basket filled with geraniums, now I know that geraniums are not typical Valentine's flowers, but they look great and I can use them later in the summer for the 4th.

The entry table with a little chocolate!

I have also used my trusty Cricut and a white plate to add a little love around the house. Super simple and really inexpensive because I can change it for any season!

More chocolate!

Finally my chalkboard, this is a favorite project from a few years ago that is just a picture frame with the glass painted with chalkboard paint. I change the message to match the holiday or my mood.

I have also been working on a few special cards! Keeping it simple this year and enjoying the small things in life with those I love!

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