Friday, March 28, 2014

DIYing Our Small Yard

Last week I shared how we started working on our small yard. We took up the tile on our porch area and today we took up the pavers that created a patio addition. I didn't get pics during because I was busy stacking blocks. Wonderful dug and broke up the pavers, another hard day of work. As you can see from the pictures we also took the posts out as well.

DIY Small Yard Project

Stacking Pavers to Use for a Walk

In the next couple of weeks we will have new concrete poured in the whole area. After that we will be building a pergola. By the end of summer we hope to have everything completed, including some new sod in the bare spots, the one side of the fence that is left to be replaced and all of the planting done. But one project at a time!

During the DIY of our Yard
The pavers that were taken up will be used to build a walk on the side of the house.

Stacking Pavers

Here is the best picture of before, although it looks pretty good we want to unify the space, add the pergola and make the best use of the grassy areas we have.

The Yard Before
My puppy!
And last but not least is my photo bombing Yorkie, Piper. My she needs a bath!

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