Saturday, March 29, 2014

Harley Chick!

There is something I have never told you, I am a Harley chick! Yep, Mr. Wonderful celebrated a significant birthday last year and he wanted a Harley Davidson. So I became a Harley chick and you know what, I really enjoy it!

The Harley!
Today we took a ride with friends to enjoy the Bluebonnets. In case you are not familiar, bluebonnets are a spring ritual in Texas. It was a beautiful day to enjoy all of the wildflowers that are in bloom.

This pic doesn't do justice to the beauty!

So please forgive, but hopefully enjoy this picture laden post!

Texas Wildflowers

I could live here!


We were quite a site, some people took pics of us!

Such a fun day!

As I said it was a wonderful day and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends! Thank you Elvia Powell for the untagged pictures.

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  1. You guys had a good ride! and such great it. I've been a biker chick for 16 years now and I still love it, so you have a lot of great experiences ahead:-)