Monday, April 7, 2014

DIY Your Small Backyard II - Building a Walk

It has been a hectic week, but it is so awesome to see the body of Christ being the hands and feet of Jesus. What is even more awesome is when it is a regular occurrence and not just an occasional thing! Love my church family.

On Friday, which tends to be our big work days around here, the weather forecast was wet and we didn't know if we wanted to start anything only to have to stop and leave a muddy mess. In the end the DIY spirit prevailed! I am so glad we did because the rain held off and we completed one more project in our yard.

In the burbs you usually have two long, for lack of a better word, alley ways on either side of your house. Those who don't live in the burbs, this would be your side yard, but trust me, here they are just alley ways. On one side is the air conditioning unit, trash cans and lots of utilitarian necessary but unsightly stuff. The other side is the same space without the obstructions. Planting beds are precious in our small yard so we wanted to make this an appealing, usable eye catcher instead of just being wasted.


My inspiration for this space is more of an idea than an actual picture. One of my favorite things to do when I visit New Orleans is to walk in the French Quarter and view the gardens (and eat). I love it when you can only see a portion, or peer through a gate and just get a taste of what is beyond. There is something so intriguing and yet mysterious when you have to imagine what is just out of site.

I want our space to be a taste of what is beyond and right now it is not a taste of anything pleasant! We had several stacks of brick pavers from our demo couple of weeks ago (here), so we decided the first step in transforming this space was to make a walkway. I wanted something that wasn't too wide and allowed for planting on either side. So we did a little math, (who knew DIYing involved so much math) and staked out the center of what would be our walk. We then figured out a pattern to use and Mr. Wonderful started digging. He works so hard, I love that man! We tried to preserve the sod that we removed in order to use it on another part of our yard.

When that was complete, the hubby tamped the ground and we started carrying the pavers and creating the walkway. It went pretty quickly! Because it was such a good, snug fit to get the brick in, we are not going to use sand to fill in cracks, we could always add it in later if the need arises.

I love how it turned out. There is a lot of planting yet to do and that will be a slow process, but I can't wait to see my vision become a reality. Because we recycled the pavers, the project didn't cost any money, just time and a hard days work. At some point, when we replace the last section of fence, I hope to make a small window in the gate to give that sense of allure and mystery that I love. My garden will have a cottage feel and less of the formal designs that I imagine in New Orleans,but more fitting for my suburban setting and easy lifestyle.

One step at a time, one project at a time, DIYing our small yard!

This girl needs a manicure!

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  1. I like the pattern. Easy and no cutting the bricks. I know you'll enjoy using it.

  2. Yes it was easy. Thanks for stopping by.