Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thrifty Gardening

I love to add new plants to our yard and planters, but just to be honest it can get quite expensive. We bought the Italian cypress and Meyer lemon trees that we added earlier this spring at a local garden center, but when it comes to annuals and perennials my favorite thrifty tip is to shop the clearance section of Lowe's. Lowe's tends to mark plants down several times weekly when their new shipments arrive. I usually drop in up to a couple of times a week (one of the nice things about living so close to everything), it is best to stop in early if possible.

Clearance plants provide great value!

I have a loose idea in mind, but nothing specific beyond what works best in sun, partial sun and shade. Sometimes these plants can look quite sad, but usually with a little water they will perk right up. My latest trip I spent just over twenty dollars and was able to plant in three containers and add several things to my walkway.

Front Porch Urn

This is an urn on my front porch. I was able to plant the whole urn for 5 dollars. It is pretty full and includes petunia, corkscrew rush and something else that I can't remember!

Unusual planters can be so much fun!
This is a bird cage that was purchased at a neighbors garage sale. I must say the only bird I plan on having is this little guy. But I added a coco liner and filled it full of impatiens that were $1 per 4 inch pot.


This is coreposis that I planted along the garden path. They were so pitiful looking that I only bought one at $1, I sure wished I had purchased a few more!
Hosta for $1!

This hosta also bought for $1 was added to the walk as well. They only had one and it was the first time I had ever seen a hosta discounted.
Dianthus the Second Year

These are dianthus. I bought these last year in the six packs on the clearance and was pleasantly surprised they reappeared this year as they were marked annuals. I am looking for some Sweet William to add between them and the mondo grass that borders the bed.

Patience definitely pays off when it comes to planting! What is your favorite flower to add to your garden? I also always have at least a couple of Boston ferns hanging although with the patio in its current condition I am looking for other areas to put them until the pergola goes up!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I had no idea Lowe's had a discount section! I'll have to check it out next time I'm out! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jessica, and yes it is worth checking out! Great deals to be found!

  2. Oh, I hit the dollar section at Lowe's a week or so ago. After a trip to the dollar store for a hanging basket, I was able to put it all together for $5. I got some petunias and impatiens. The hosta was a good deal.

    1. Julie, because I am trying to fill a large space I go often. Thursday seems to be the best day!

  3. Susan this is a marvelous way to get beautiful plants for your garden. I happened to stop at the local LOWES when there was a 'mistake' a worker was leaving and told one of the customers the plants were 25 cents each. That was not quite true - but they honored this - we made out like bandits! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,