Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bookcase Update

I have just had a craft room for about a year. I did some rearranging when hubby was out of town and I moved his office to a little used living room and took his office as my craft room. I added two Target bookcases in black to match an existing bookcase in the room. The room is small and the lighting is terrible so the bookcases looked like black holes. I have been thinking of doing something for sometime, but I wasn't sure what. The small one in the middle of the two larger ones has a plank back that we replaced here. All I knew is that they needed brightening up.

While in Home Goods the other day I was waiting in line to check out and was looking through their wrapping paper. I found a wide stripe that was white and a green yellow that matched the curtains that I have in the room, so for $2.99 I felt I didn't have much to lose.

I emptied the bookcases of what was inside including the shelves. I measured the back of the bookcase and cut a piece of paper to fit. I used my tape measure and square to get a nice straight cut. I was thinking of using hot glue, but in the end I decided to use ZIG, two way glue. It is reposition-able   and I am glad I did, I had to take one side down to straighten it up. I dusted and cleaned everything and put the shelves back. I only glued the paper at the top and bottom because the shelves rest against the back and hold it snugly in place.

It is amazing how much it lightened up shelves. It really adds some life to this side of the room, and reflects the light from the only window so much better. It took about an hour and most of that time was spent unloading, cleaning and reloading the shelves!

Someday when I get it all cleaned up I will show you the rest of the room!

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