Thursday, June 19, 2014

Aging or Distressing Clay Pots

I know do we seriously need another tutorial on how to age a clay pot? Probably not, but I bought a clay pot and wanted to distress it so I thought why not add my process to the gazillion others. So here it goes.

I use or make due with what I already have on hand. I wanted the end result to be an aged looking off white for my dining room. I started with various colors of acrylic paint, I want to have a couple of colors peak through and I chose a light blue and a moss green color as well as a brown and white. I begin adding color randomly over the entire pot. Applying with a sponge brush and wiping off excess until I get a light cover of random colors, the pot is not entirely covered.

After this is dry,  spray paint the entire outside and the inside lip of the pot with spray paint. I used two light coats of an off white. If I wanted the various colors to be more prevalent I would have just used one coat of the spray paint, but I wanted the off white to be the most dominant with just bits of other color peaking through. I let this dry overnight to get a good hard coat.

The next step is to use sandpaper and sand the whole pot. You are sanding off the off white to see little bits of color. I sanded some places all the way to the clay. I started with a very fine paper, but decided to try something more course so I tried an 80 grit. It made scratches in the pot and at first I thought I had messed up, but I decided I liked it and used it on the whole pot. I always work around the pot, when painting and sanding, not up and down. After I got a look that I liked, I wiped the whole pot down with a wet cloth.

The final step is to rub the pot with a stain/sealer combo, mine is Min Wax for wood in American Tradition. I rub it on and get the coverage I want. I go back and make some areas darker, to make it look as if has had multiple finishes over the years. This is the final step and you can add several layers depending on how dark you want it. I really like how the stain looked in the scratches made by the sandpaper.

This is definitely something that you can make unique with your personal style depending on colors you use, how much you sand off or how dark you stain it! Have fun, there is no messing up!

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