Thursday, June 5, 2014

Being Still With the Nester

I must selfishly admit that one of the things I was looking forward to post surgery was the limited activity. I know, sounds a little crazy, but I was willing to give up a few things I enjoy for the the long list of things I couldn't do. No lifting, no sweeping, no vacuuming, and on and on. I thought it would be so nice to sit back and do nothing and not have to feel guilty about it, because the doctor said so. Oh I knew things would go undone as my hubby worked each day and my daughter finished up her last week of school, but I thought I would be ok with all of that, I was looking forward to a respite. I actually kept thinking I am going to be able to be still and know God.

"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10

Why is it so hard to be still? My mind never seems to be still and even when my body is forced into stillness, I can not enjoy it. Is it a society thing, you know growing up Sundays were a day of stillness. I hated it as a kid really, but my family did nothing but go to church. I always thought is was boring, but today even if we choose to slow down on a designated day, the world around us never slows. Is is a mom thing, you know I think that becoming a mom brings this multitasking gene out that perhaps was dormant before, we multitask our life from that point on. I can cook supper, do laundry, watch the news and be available to listen to Darling Daughters day, (she is past me helping with homework) or be on the phone with my sons and be a sounding board for them and anything else that pops up, it is just what mom's do. Perhaps it is technology, we are never unplugged anymore. I remember when going out to dinner with my husband meant an evening with just us, now it is us and whomever calls, texts, emails, amber alerts, sports and news updates that all come to us via the little thing we carry in our pockets. It doesn't take up much physical space, but boy is it intrusive!

Yes I am struggling with being still. How are you still, I think it was something that I was craving, but yet don't know how in this non stop world.

On a lighter note, I truly enjoyed the Nester's first book, The Nesting Place.  The Nester was the first blog, (Nesting Place )I ever discovered, I couldn't believe there were people like me who loved all things home and wrote about it and people actually showed up to read it. So when she wrote her first book I knew I wanted to pick it up. It is a lovely book with a wonderful message to those of us not living in our dream house! I have just come out of a time that I looked at houses for sale daily, to God making Himself clear that it was not the time for us to move, to let's enjoy what we have been blessed with and use it to glorify Him! Yeah she talks about that! (here and here for part of my journey)

Nester and I don't share much in personal taste, but she has much to teach about home decor and truly freed me from thinking if it can't be perfect it isn't worth attempting! I purchased it from Amazon, but I believe you could also find it at your local Christian bookstore.

I am off to practice being still, wish me luck!

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