Monday, June 9, 2014

Less is More in my Home

If like me you love housey stuff it is hard to keep what comes in my house in check. I try to keep my possessions to a minimum. I am not a true minimalist, I have more than I need, but none the less I try not to purchase unnecessary items. This helps me to view items that I am attracted to when I shop with a critical eye. One self imposed rule is that whatever has to serve multiple purposes. One such item is my blue mason jars. I use them for storage of various craft supplies, they also work as glasses for casual dinner parties, as well as caddies for silverware, straws or other items when having friends over.
Another rule is that if I already have something that can serve the same purpose, then I pass. One such thing is storage items, I love small drawers, compartments, baskets, etc. I am trying to refrain from purchasing anything for storage, if I look around my house I generally find something that I can use.

I also keep a "box" for donation items. Once it is full it goes out the door, I shared here about pairing down my closet in February and we had the coldest spring in Houston I can recall, but you know what I didn't purchase anything. I am still making it with my Capri pants, I will need to invest in shorts before vacation!

I don't buy many small appliances. My blender is also a food processor and has a dough accessory as well. I have a toaster because my hubby prefers his toast in a toaster. I love my Kitchen aide mixer and have had it for 10 years. I use it for bread kneading as well as mixing. I have a coffee maker, a must, one crockpot, and a waffle maker, which was a personal want. That is pretty much it. I also got rid of a full set of china that had no sentimental value. I have a few various pieces that belonged to my grandmother and could set a nice table if I so chose, but to be honest I hate to hand wash so that is rarely! My Fiestaware suites all of my needs both day to day for my family as well as when I have guests over. I have a variety of colors and I use them in different combinations to set numerous tablescapes.

My family loves books, and I have shared my desire to have a dedicated library/office in my house one day. but even my love of books can get out of control. I no longer buy casual books just to read and pass on, my Ipad has changed that, I download them. (EReader Girl is a great source for free and discounted ebooks). I only purchase books that I truly desire to have a hard copy of and will read and or refer to again.

Just a few ways that I try to keep my "stuff" in check. What are some things you do to ensure that your house doesn't get overcrowded?

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  1. Oh I am on the same mission. I have way too much stuff and I am trying to pare it dow. Great advice and post. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.