Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pike Place Market

We were in Seattle area on a mission trip last week, more to come about that in a later post. This is my second trip to the area and it is beautiful. One of my favorite places ever is Pike Place Market. It is one of those unique destinations that I could spend hours roaming from shop to shop. They have the most beautiful fruit and vegetable markets. Everything looks delicious, I had peach for breakfast and it was every bit as good as it looked! And the flowers, my word, they are gorgeous! They make my Kroger bouquets look quite sad! And so affordable, a large bouquet is $10 bucks. I would be broke if I lived close to the market, but my house would have fresh flowers in every room.

I just wanted to share a little eye candy for now, I am still recovering from our recent travel, as in grocery shopping, getting laundry and errands caught up and doctors and dentist visits before school starts. Madness! I will share some amazing details of our mission trip later this week.

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