Monday, October 13, 2014

Company Ready?

I talk a lot about it is not what your house looks like, but about the fellowship that you should be enjoying with family and friends that is important. And I am constantly challenged personally on this point, perhaps so I can encourage you!

Wonderful and I moved to Texas ten years ago and we left all of our extended family behind in Kentucky. So any opportunity to get together with them is precious! My nieces and nephews enjoy not only a spring break, but a fall break (which by the way I think should be mandatory for all schools). I usually get the benefit of this and several of them come to visit on fall break. When talking to my mom she said they would still like to come even though the house was no where near ready.

I could have said no not this year, I mean there are still holes in the ceiling,

no flooring,

buckets of random things sitting around,

and no baseboards! (This is to be considered my fall home tour!)

But I would have missed Nerf guns and homemade targets,

backyard games of soccer and kickball,

a trip to the Houston Children's Museum  complete with science experiments and medical lab coats,

beautiful works of art and my mom's chicken and dumplings!

I think I made the right choice! Enjoy the fellowship, the memories made are what is important, no one cares about your house!

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  1. And these days fly by SO FAST! You have made the right decision. Good for you. Not enough of that these days, I am happy for you all.

    Your boys will be grown men in a millisecond, enjoy every moment. : - )

    1. It was a precious time, they are already planning their next trip! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Very well said. Fellowship is so much more important than how the house looks. I think balance is most important since I know people whose homes are in such extreme disorder that guests can't find a seat to sit in!

    1. Enjoying the time spent with family is a precious blessing. I will get back to the house this week, it was well worth taking a week off. Thanks for visiting.