Thursday, October 2, 2014

Taking a Step Back from Reno

One decision changes everything! We decided to move the frig and that set off a chain of events that has greatly slowed progress on the reno.

First, I love, love, love the frig in its new location. It has completely changed the feel of the kitchen from compact to more spacious. We are still in the process of finishing it out, but I am grateful you guys gave me the confidence to endure one more mess and go for it!

But that one decision has delayed the process by at least a month, and I must admit I am grateful. We had been hitting everything at such an intense pace that we were truly exhausted. I worked on projects all day and when Wonderful would come home we would tackle another project! We fell into bed at night worn out. There are now several things that can't be completed until the end of the month and we have actually taken some time to slow down and rest. Tuesday I went to my morning Bible study, had lunch with Wonderful and went to the grocery store and actually bought groceries! I know my family was shocked too! I had just been picking up a few items here and there as needed, not only is this far more expensive, it makes it entirely too easy to eat out! I actually have what I need to cook a few simple meals several nights in a row! Darling Daughter commented last week on how she missed green vegetables, yes it had gotten bad at my house. I found I had missed boring days of normal household chores. (I can't believe I put that in writing).

Because we moved the frig, I talked with a cabinet guy on building a cabinet for the space left empty. Since we were having this done I went ahead and decided to replace some upper cabinets that were not functioning well for me. This won't be completed until the end of the month. I also met with a countertop guy to replace all of the countertops, we were going to wait until spring for this but because we are reconfiguring the cabinets we have to do it now. This is scheduled for a few days after cabinets. All of this has also delayed my flooring until next month. Because all of the open spaces downstairs will have the same wood flooring we can't do any of it until kitchen reno is complete. Do you remember the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? I am kinda of feeling like that.

I have lots of painting to do and as I said before, we are actually relaxing some at night when Wonderful gets home from work! I will have more pics as we progress but I must admit we are now taking a little more time to enjoy the journey!

Oh and I have a kitchen light now, I went without one for three weeks!

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  1. So glad you are happy with the move of fridge. can't wait to see it!