Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Power of Paint

This weekend was met with lots of painting. We have worked most evenings and every weekend since moving in and there have been many days that I have wondered if we were making any progress. After one weekend of painting I feel as if I am starting to see a means to the end of the remodel process. Oh we are still a long way away, but paint changes everything including my attitude.

If you had asked me what color my cabinets were I would have said a dingy white, but after putting a coat of pure white on them, they really had kinda of a gray tint. I love the look of the stark white gloss paint. It isn't easy to work with but I am loving the end result!

My kids hate "antique" or off white walls! I guess because there has been some form of that color in every house we have lived in, the oldest said it was time to get over it! lol But I love the contrast of the white glossy trim against the off white walls. This is actually the same color we had just repainted the den in the other house.

The infamous frig, loving the way it is coming together.  So "hi ho, hi ho," it is off to paint I go! Have a great week.

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