Thursday, November 6, 2014

What I Have Been Up To

I have not been working on the house much the past week. The countertop guys were here last Thursday and the backsplash is going in today! Flooring guys were here three days in between that! So lots happening, I'm just not doing it! Here is a sneak peak.

Although not with the house, I have been busy. Darling Daughter is planning two international mission trips in 2015, Taiwan and Uganda. We are trying to help with fundraising so we have been making these super cute cake carriers! We have had 23 orders so far, we are selling them for $20. I know the UPS guy thinks I am crazy, between getting various things in for the house, I am now also getting boxes of cake carriers!

Speaking of Darling Daughter, she turns 18 next week. I am having a bit of a crisis!!!!!!!! She wanted to have a party and so we have been working on that as well. My boys were not interested in parties, so it has been fun planning and crafting for it! Pinterest has gotten a work out for sure.

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