Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas-Round 1

Since moving so far from family, our Christmases have always been random. More times than not, December 25th has been spent in a car. Well this year we are at home on Christmas day, but the Businessman could not be here so we celebrated Christmas with him on Saturday. We woke up and had a homemade breakfast of pancakes and bacon, courtesy of Mr. Wonderful. He makes the best pancakes! Since Darling Daughter and the Coach were also here, they opened sibling gifts and the Businessman and his girlfriend opened all of their gifts! We stretched it out over the day to make it a little more fun! One of our traditions is that each of the kids get a new ornament each year and everyone opened their ornaments also.

The Businessman was not impressed with how long it took his girlfriend to open!
Our main meal included deep fried turkey, our favorite way to have turkey and all of the trimmings. I expect to make dumplings and dressing once a year and it turn out perfect, not so much. (2015 will be the year I perfect those two dishes!)

Darling Daughter was super excited about this gift!
Sunday we were all at church together, which is extra special for this mom! Over the few days we had together we played lots of games, went to see a movie and just enjoyed getting to spend some time with our family. This morning our son and girlfriend flew out and I headed to the grocery to stock up for Round 2 of Christmas. If you spread your Christmas over several days, several miles or just enjoy being home, I hope you get to enjoy time with those you love.

The Coach taking his turn.

The Coach's girlfriend opening her ornament.

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