Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hosting a Party When You Are Short on Time

We always host a Christmas party for Wonderful's staff and their spouses. This year I was a little short on time, we are still in the midst of our ranch remodel , but I would much rather everyone gather in a home than a room at the church or somewhere else. It is just so much more personal and intimate. So the hubby tackled not one, but two major projects just a week before the date (more on that later) and I just tried to get the house cleaned, decorated for Christmas and get things like drapes hung and stuff like that.

The entree is purchased and everyone brings a dish or two, therefore food is basically covered. I shop for the paper products, decorations and all of the other party stuff. Well I started on Monday, yes the party was the following Sunday! I grabbed my notes that I had from the past few years and went from there. Now I am not suggesting that when you are expecting 40 plus people over you start 6 days before, but that is just how it worked out. Because I kept detailed notes, it made everything fairly easy, even though we were hosting in a different house.

I chose to go very simple, I never do things very complicated, focusing on our guests and not on decorations and details. The dining room was decorated to match the tree in that room with a mossy green and silver. The dining room table was left bare other than a simple mossy green ribbon down the center. The centerpiece was mercury glass candle sticks and greenery with a few ornaments and pinecones for contrast. I started with artificial greenery and then added in fresh magnolia leaves, bleached pinecones from my yard and fresh pine branches. Very inexpensive, easy and pretty.

All other tables were covered with a white tablecloth and two red ribbons down the center, the same greenery and candles. The napkins were white as well, I told you I went plain and simple.

We had a great time visiting with everyone, delicious food and lots of good fellowship exchanging white elephant gifts!

Keep detailed notes for any party that you have, you never know when they will come in handy. Always go easy and simple and keep the focus on your friends and not your decor. Accept offers of help and most importantly enjoy yourself!

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