Friday, January 23, 2015

Chopsticks or Bach

This morning I read an article that caused me to think about my life and how I choose to live it. We often talk about individuality and the desire to do things our own way, yet we strive so hard to be like others and as Christians we may be the worst. I love to read a good book, and I love to read self help books, but often times by the end of the book I am caught up in how this person lost weight, organized their life, has their prayer and Bible study time, felt led to sell everything and live on one third of their income that I am convinced that this is THE way to do things because the writer felt God leading them and found success. So indeed I need to eat what they eat, get up when they get up, read the Bible when they read, sell what they sold and on and on and on. They found success in an area and that must mean that is the way Jesus wants us all to find success, anyone else been there?

I am constantly looking for the easiest way to do things, some might say I am lazy, others might say I am efficient. But over time I have discovered there is no easier way to have a vital relationship with Jesus, it takes hard work and dedication. I can't read a book and copy what the author did to have a vital relationship with my heavenly Father, I must dig deep and study His word for myself. So often times I feel reading a book about the Bible or about Jesus is the same as studying His Word for myself. I can read numerous books about playing the piano, I can read about being a concert pianist, I can read about someone else who experienced great success as a pianist, but when I sit down in front of those ivory keys does that mean that I am a concert pianist? Does that even mean I know how to play, I think not! I must devote myself to playing the piano, hard work and dedication, sacrifice, those are the things that make me better, not reading about anothers hard work and dedication. Am I going to be content playing chopsticks, reading about some one else playing Bach?

Studying God's word is much the same. I can read about how Kay Arthur, Beth Moore (no offense to these ladies) study God's word and I can even benefit from their study, but until I study for myself, I will always be dependant on others and will never move past playing chopsticks. God's intention is not for us to be dependant on those we consider super Christians, but our dependence  should only be on Him. Reading his Word for myself, seeking His will for my life and not jumping at the latest Christian book or Christian fad bandwagon! Oh it requires hard work, devotion and sacrifice, but the end result is worth it! I get to experience Him for myself! Am I going to be content reading about the  relationship of others  with God, or am I going to have a relationship with Him that is all my own?

Go for it! Be the individual God wants you to be, have a real vital relationship with Him through personal Bible study and prayer. Stop trying to imitate others  walk with Jesus and enjoy your own walk, you will never have fulfillment trying to be like some else. I want to move past chop sticks and compose a beautiful life that glorify's Him.

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