Monday, January 5, 2015

The Non-Formula of Organization

Almost every post this time of year is about organization. I must admit that I am a sucker for every post, I want to organize my craftroom, my kitchen, my bathroom, my calendar, my closet, my life. Every year it is basically the same, I can't wait to get the Christmas clutter down, (just a few short weeks ago, it didn't seem like clutter at all) and get everything organized. But this year I have been left wondering, since it is always the same shouldn't I feel organized by now. I mean seriously I have bought the right storage containers, I have the right calendar, app or whatever else seems to be working for someone else, yet as each new year passes I am still trying to find organization. Why is that?

This year it is especially true, we are in a new house and lost about 700 square feet from the old house. My closet is no longer a small room, but a small closet. Since we opted to take out the pantry, I have lost major amounts of kitchen storage. I want everything to function to it's greatest ability and I want to once and for all feel organized. Oh I know there will be tweaks as time goes by, but I shouldn't feel as if I am starting from scratch at the beginning of 2016.

So how do I accomplish this? I mean seriously what is the key, the formula? I think I have figured it out!!! Do you want to know, here it is. sshhhhhh ........ I am going to whisper it to you....there is no key, that is right, there is no one formula.

Each year I read post after post, article after article and I reorganize hoping this will be it, the correct way to do things. Oh I manage for a while and then something happens and it doesn't last. Well I believe that is because I am trying to do it someone's way. I am trying to make my life, my budget, my home fit into an organizational style that doesn't fit my life, my budget or my home! No wonder it doesn't work, I mean think about it. I am trying to make my 1900 square foot home hold everything that a 3,000 or 4,000 square foot home does. I am trying to make my tiny bedroom, closet and bath function like a luxurious master suite when mine was built 50 years ago and that was not the norm. I am trying to make my small functional kitchen hold all of the things that someone's gourmet kitchen holds. I am trying to use a calendar that someone else designed and uses and they may not be a pastor's wife, a mom of a teenager or twenty somethings or the mutiple other things that take my time.

So this is the year, I stop trying to organize my life in a way that works for someone else and figure out what works for me. There may be similarities, and I will even take suggestions, but because it works for someone else, I am not going to assume it will work for me!

So there you have it, the non formula of organization. Find out how your mind works, it doesn't matter if it makes sence to anyone else. If it works for you and your family it is a great way to organize. Now on to my craftroom to get started!!!!!!!

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