Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A New Level of Hospitality

Jetlag is real! Just saying, I started this post while in India and have now been home four days and just now finishing it up.

I have been in India for the past week! It has been incredible to be invited into so many homes. Everyone knows that I love housey stuff so it has been a such a pleasure for me to get to enjoy visiting with others. I have been in bamboo huts, houses with brick walls and houses with marble floors. The thing that has impressed me most is the kind hospitality of these people. They offer not out of their abundance, but from a gracious heart.

Every home that I have had the honor of visiting I have been treated with respect, kindness and generosity. They serve the most delicious chai (tea) that you could ever have, nothing comes close in America. I have been offered plates of fresh fruit, biscuits (small crackers) and a super sweet (I love sweets, but this is beyond what I can eat) ball that is a real treat for them! And those are just the snacks.

They want you to be treated well, I have been blessed with small tokens including flowers and earrings. Such an incredible opportunity to meet and enjoy so many different people giving of their very best asking for nothing in return.

Although I was there to teach, I have learned so much more including how to value people and unexpected guests. One of my favorite customs is that your host will not just walk you to the door, they walk with you down the path leading to their home. The farther they walk with you, indicates their desire for you to return to their home again.  Talk about feeling treasured.

Off to hopfully get something done, I feel as if I am never fully awake or never fully asleep!

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  1. I loved the part where you said, "The farther they walk with you indicates their desire for you to return." What a beautiful thing!

    1. I was so touched by these people! Thanks for stoppin in!